Friday, February 25, 2011

Casual Friday: A Shoe Reprieve

If you watched my lastest shopping video where I opened a box of shoes from 6pm, then you'll already know that I vowed to return these shoes, but then added a note saying that I didn't. Here is the result - I wore them to work with some trouser socks. Eventually my feet got used to them, but they def aren't for walking in all day. Luckily, I sit at a desk all day.

What I Wore That Made Me a Liar:

2011-02-11 combo
I tried a different eye makeup style. I don't usually wear this much eyeshadow. I really like how it turned out.

What I Ate That Had Saucy Goodness:

2011-02-11 food
  • breakfast: healthy McMuffun, orange
  • lunch: sandwich, sugar snap peas, orange, cheese
  • snack: carrot, apple, orange, Balance bar
  • dinner: veggie stir fry w/ yummy sauce and brown rice


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