Thursday, February 24, 2011

Color Coordinating With Dinner

It was a color explosion today, both with my outfit and with dinner. There's red, green magenta, orange, yellow everywhere! I am sad to report that the magenta kitten heels have bit the dust. After years of "re-dyeing" them with a Sharpie* they couldn't hang on any longer and torn down the side in their flex point. So sad. They shall be missed. On the upside, did you see all my new shoes from my shoe shopping video?

*hey... the cobbler said there was no way he could color match them and the Sharpie was the perfect color. Don't judge. Plus I may do that in a pinch with my black shoes too. Okay fine, you can judge.)

What I Wore Before My Shoes Died:

2011-02-17 combo

What I Ate That Was Colorful Like My Clothes:

2011-02-17 food
  • breakfast: cuties, healthy McMuffin, coffee
  • lunch: sandwich, apple, sugar snap peas, cheese
  • snack: Balance bar, apple, carrot
  • dinner: whole wheat pasta with veggies


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