Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

It's a snow day from work! Like most of the US, Dallas got hit by a major storm. The ground outside is covered in two inches of white. But it's not snow, it's solid ice. It's rare when we get actual snow here, instead we get death ice. Death because it's ice; death because Dallas doesn't have ice/snow removal capabilities; and death because no one down here knows how to drive on it even if it wasn't already dangerous.

So I stayed home. The only time I ventured outside was to replace some insulation covering our crawlspace vents. Ah, the things we do to keep our pipes from freezing.

What I Wore While Checking the Vent Insulation:

2011-02-01 combo
  • jeans (Lane Bryant via consignment)
  • graphic T, unseen (Old Navy)
  • green fuzzy (Avenue)
  • purple vest (Avenue)
  • rain boots (Target)
  • sparkley scarf (Old Navy?)
  • earrings (Dana Buchman via Kohls)
What I Ate From Home:

2011-02-01 food
  • breakfast: turkey bacon, egg, 2 cuties, slice sourdough bread & butter
  • lunch: tomato soup, 6" veggie delight sandwich (Subway)*
  • snack: young coconut
  • dinner: pork chop, asparagus, insane asian rice blend w/ shitakes
* Rand road his bike to Subway to get us lunch. He said he'll never ride his bike on the ice again. I guess it didn't go so well, but he's my hero for making sure we don't starve to death. , #

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