Friday, March 11, 2011

Blogger Joke?

If 3 bloggers meet for dinner and no one takes a picture, did it really happen?

Clearly not, so I present to you, the one photo that we took in all it's flashtastic glory. Please notice how schlumpy I am compared to Erin of Work With What You've Got and Elissa of Dress With Courage. To be fair, I did ride my bike to meet them, but still I feel under-dressed.


I'm just putting this out here for Erin b/c she didn't get to take photos of her super-cute outfit. Here ya go, Erin. Proof of awesome outfit! :)

Speaking of bloggers meeting up, if you are a blogger in the DFW area, be sure to join the new DFW Bloggers Network.

And on that note, I'm headed to Austin to meet 100 other fashion bloggers from all over Texas for the Texas Style Council Conference. Whoo hoo!

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