Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Work Wear: Cool Again

Texas weather in the Spring is so crazy. Yesterday Rand had on shorts and today I needed tights and a wrap. Honestly, I didn't mind b/c I wasn't quite ready to give up tights yet. We have such a short window to wear them here. Sometimes I wish I lived in the land of snow. How long is winter where you live?

What I Wore To Keep Me Warm:

2011-03-03 combo

  • dress (Target)
  • tights (Lane Bryant)
  • wedges (MIA via 6pm)
  • wrap (via Goodwill)
  • earrings & green bead bracelet (gift from Kimberly)
  • black bead bracelet (??)
  • green wooden bangle (Lane Bryant)
What I Ate With a Mid-Afternoon Slip:

2011-03-03 food

  • breakfast: yogurt, strawberries, coffee
  • lunch: leftover quesadillas, strawberries
  • snack: popcorn, M&Ms
  • dinner: 4oz pork, brocolli, wild rice, wine

I was doing okay for most of the day but our firdge is pretty bare and I didn't have anything to bring for a snack. The result was grabbing free popcorn from the work kitchen and adding in M&Ms. Not good. How do you cope with mid-afternoon hunger?

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