Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work Wear: Berry Belly

I really love the bright vibrant berry color of this blouse and I've been wanting to try layering a collared blouse under a dress. I really liked the look of this until I got into the office and saw what is so very clear in this picture - you can see all the wrinkles of the blouse under the dress where my belly is. That's sooooo attractive. Maybe if I had worn some Spanks and tucked the blouse into the top of the Spanks? What do you think would have helped?

What I Wore That Drew Attention To My Belly:

What I Ate That Made My Belly Stick Out Farther:

2011-03-07 food
  • breakfast: Alternative bagel, yogurt, orange, coffee
  • lunch: pesto soup, bar salad, fruit (Greenz)
  • snack: carrot, orange, pretzels, almond butter
  • dinner: pork chop, asparagus, roasted purple potatoes, wine
Exercise Update:

Rand and I have been walking when I get home from work. Today we walked about 1.5 miles.

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