Sunday, April 3, 2011

Park Lane Progressive Day

The Shops at Park Lane here in Dallas asked me to get together a group of local fashion and style bloggers together for a progressive tour of their shops and restaurants. In addition to 600,000 square feet of great shopping and restaurants, Park Lane offers lots of events. In fact, there was Jazz in the Park the day we were there, another event for moms and their children, and there are some upcoming fashion events that I am particularly interested in. The Shops at Park Lane are located directly across from Northpark Mall.


First Stop: Whole Foods


I love Whole Foods. One of my favorite things is their bulk section. I try to be environmentally conscious when I can and bringing your own containers and buying from the bulk section is a great way to do that. This Whole Foods is the flagship store so you imagine how huge and amazing it is. They even offer personal shopping services. But my favorite thing was the Art-O-Mat, which is an old cigarette machine that is converted to sell art. This one is a fashionista's dream - it dispenses jewelry made by local artists!

Second Stop: Ulta


Do you see the shiny, pink beauty bar full of Benefit products? And all the fashion bloggers crowded around it? Just like magpies, we were drawn to all the sparkling, pretty things. Julie, Stephanie, and I also took some time to run around to show each other our favorite dry shampoos and eye brighteners. And I was mesmerized my the rack of Ulta's latest store brand of bath products. I am a bath gel and lotion junkie.

Third Stop: Nordstrom Rack


Everyone knows that Nordstom has an amazing selection of shoes and Nordstrom Rack is no different. They even carry men's sizes up to 16, which I was thrilled to learn since Rand wears a size 15. Finally we might be able to actually try shoes on before buying them for him. Also, I had no idea that Nordstrom Rack carried plus sizes - they've got a whole section. Double score!

While we were there, the store manager arranged for little giveaway - of a Marc Jacobs watch!!!!! - which Juanette won. Maybe I can steal it from her...?

Fourth Stop: Gordon Biersch

gordon biersch

We popped into Gordon Biersch to try their garlic french fries and to rest our feet, but we ended up staying for a full lunch. I ordered an amazing salad with cashews and feta, and one of their hefeweizens. I'm a sucker for a good beer.

If you like to sit in the sun and relax with a beer, you need to check out their patio. It backs up to the inside bar, so you can sit directly at the bar outside if you like. Plus there is a little fireplace seating area for the 14 days of cold weather Dallas gets each year. Very cute!

Fifth Stop: Fresh Berry


mmmm frozen yogurt. Fresh Berry was bursting at the seams with all of us in there, but they had us all served and ready to go lickety split. I was impressed. I couldn't decide between a couple of flavors so I was happy to learn that I could put as many flavors of yogurt in my cup as I wanted. A little vanilla and a little original flavor, topped with mochi (a MUST HAVE for me), mangos and chocolate crisp sauce. Stephanie and I discovered that we were yogurt twins - we ordered the exact same thing. What can I say? We have good taste.

Sixth Stop: Bailey's Prime Plus


We wandered over to Bailey's Prime Plus which wasn't even open yet for the day. We toured the amazing space while sipping a glass of champagne. Bailey's offers private dining rooms, gorgeous tables next to an inside river, a gothic, hip bar, and even has space for live music. I hve already told my husband that he must make a reservation for us next to the river. It looks so romantic.

Hidden somewhere in their wine room is a $20,000 bottle of wine, so as you can imagine this is a nice restaurant. But they also offer a lunch menu Monday through Friday that won't cost as much as that wine. (which they wouldn't tell us which bottle it was. Probably smart or we would have knocked it down trying to take 80 jillion photos of it.)

Also, if you're a fashion lover, be sure to check in with Bailey's to see what they've got coming up on their calendar, b/c they are a player in the Dallas fashion industry and often host runway shows. I can't wait!!

Seventh & Final Stop: Aveda Institute


All those great Aveda stylists have to learn their craft somewhere and the Aveda Institute is just that place. There is the same store front where you can purchase your Aveda products (their confixor sends me into a tizzy just based on how it smells), but once you head into the back, it's a whole different world. This place is HUGE. They offer a full spa, mani/pedis, and a full hair salon. Services are provided by students so the prices are low and you can expect things to take a little longer. Tip: ask for a student that is almost ready to graduate.


Thank you so much to Nichole Luna, The Shops at Park Lane, Whole Foods, Ulta, Nordstrom Rack, Gordon Biersch, Fresh Berry, Bailey's Prime Plus, and the Aveda Institute for hosting us for such a fun day!

I can't let you leave with out getting to see what all the stylish Dallas fashion bloggers wore:

And all the fun swag:


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