Thursday, May 19, 2011

Online Shopping Spree - Domino Dollhouse

I don't know if it's apparent, but I love vintage style. And I am a sucker for a full skirt with a frilly underskirt*. Seriously, if I could squeeze my butt into all the square dancing costumes someone keeps taking to my local Goodwill, I would wear them constantly. Hello, twirling! Well, that desire put me on a mission to find a plus size petticoat (and not the kind you find in the costume/lingerie section). Google brought me to Domino Dollhouse where I discovered plus size petticoats in a rainbow of colors. Score!

I've had my eye on the petticoats for awhile, trying to decide what color to get. I knew I wanted to wear one to Full Figured Fashion Week, so I couldn't be indecisive any longer. While I was on the website finally selecting PINK, you know I had to pick out some other things as well.

* Yes, I do think I am Scarlet O'Hara, what's your point? As God is my witness, I shall never be frumpy again!
Thank you to Domino Dollhouse. I contacted them about their petticoats and they responded with an offer to dress me for an event at Full Figured Fashion Week. All opinions about how awesome petticoats are, are completely my own.

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