Sunday, May 22, 2011

Online Shopping Spree: eShakti

While I was online looking for things to wear to Full Figured Fashion Week, I started searching for yellow, circle skirts. Why something as specific as yellow, circle skirts? A) Because yellow is a color trend this summer and I don't really have any yellow in my closet. B) Because yellow doesn't flatter me, so I didn't want to wear it near my face. C) Because I wanted another excuse to wear a petticoat, so I needed a circle skirt to accommodate the fullness. Google knows all, so it sent me straight to eShakti.

I'm really excited to try out eShakti. They allow you to customize or semi-customize your purchases for a small fee. You can swap out sleeves, change skirt length, swap out waistband styles, etc. For this skirt, I've kept everything as designed, but I know it will be a perfect fit b/c I'm sending them not only my measurements, but also my height so they can make sure the skirt is right length on me. How awesome is that???

I contacted eShakti about the possibility of reviewing one of their items and they graciously agreed to let me pick out one thing. Stay tuned for my follow up review and to see my wear this skirt to Full Figured Fashion Week. All opinions expressed are mine alone and in no way have been influenced by eShakti.

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