Thursday, May 26, 2011

Online Shopping Spree: Torrid

One of my goals when I decided to attend Full Figured Fashion Week was to try out new-to-me plus size brands. I figured that a fashion week is the perfect time to step out of my "uniform" and try out some looks and brands that my night be stereotypically "Tina." Enter Torrid. I hit up their website about twice a month and put a ton of stuff in my shopping basket, but I've never pulled the trigger b/c I worried that I may be a little old for their clothes. But at the same time, I love so many of their clothes that I just HAD to try them. I think I have found a really nice balance of trendy items that will meld well into my existing wardrobe.

Bonus: Torrid is having a 50% off sale on all their clearance section!

Here is what I have coming in the mail from Torrid. I am so excited! Keep your fingers crossed that the animal print skirt fits me because I am dying over it!

I contacted Torrid about the possibility of trying out some of their clothes and they graciously offered to provide me with items of my choosing to wear to an event at Full Figured Fashion Week. All reviews reflect my opinion alone.

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Alma said...

Wow, great picks! That's a great skirt. I personally love Torrid, and though I don't have one in my city, I try to make a trip at least once a month so I can shop there. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and continue to shop with them. Can't wait to see pics once u get your items! (: