Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Work Wear: Marlene Dietrich

When I was getting dressed this morning, I had a vague idea that I was
drawing inspiration from Marlene Dietrich. In my head I was picturing her in wide black trousers and a white blouse that was masculine in detail but still feminine in totality. So I selected my wide leg trousers and a simple white lace top, and I decided to keep my accessories very simple and my hair pulled back. My thought was that the lace of the shirt would create the only bit of femininity. That's how it all played out in my head, anyway. Seeing the execution, I think it's a little bland. And my hair is too severe. (Of course, it was wet so that makes it look even more severe.)

But it probably doesn't even matter b/c when I tried to search the internet for the inspiration photo that I was thinking of...it doesn't exist. LOL. The famous Marlene Dietrich photo is her in a tux with a top hat. Inspiration fail.

What I Wore While Imagining Marlene Dietrich:

2011-04-27 combo
  • black wide-leg trousers (Lane Bryant)
  • white cami (Ann Taylor)
  • white lace shirt (via Goodwill)
  • black patent heels (Jessica Simpson)
What I Ate That Did Not Make Me a Movie Star:

2011-04-27 food
  • breakfast: blueberries & yogurt with blueberries
  • lunch: chicken and potato sludge, apple
  • snack: cheese, orange, Balance bar
  • dinner: cuban sandwich, black beans & rice, wine

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