Thursday, June 23, 2011

Full Figured Fashion Week: Day 3

I joined a bus full of shoppers for an all-day fashion crawl. It ran so late that I missed the panel discussion I was scheduled to see and I was so wiped out that I didn't get to the runway competition either. But I did meet some crazy Swedes that I fell in love with, so we all went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant that had great food but closed down at 9pm. Um... who has ever heard of a NYC restaurant closing at 9?!?!? 

What I Wore On The Shopping Crawl:

2011-06-17 combo

Yep, this photo is taken at my house. I had a camera malfunction and while I ended up with some photos from the shopping crawl, I did not end up with a outfit photo. So just imagine me with lots of shopping bags. :)
Thank you to Charming Charlie, City Chic, and Torrid for providing me with the clothing for this event!

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