Friday, June 24, 2011

Full Figured Fashion Week: Lane Bryant Blogger Conference

Kimberly (Fab Finds Under $50), Maddy (Plus Model Magazine), me, Allison (Curvy Girl Chic)

Last year I had the honor of attending the first ever Lane Bryant Blogger Conference. The second one was part of Full Figured Fashion Week, and once again I had the privilege of attending. 

First up, Robert Rutkauskas, Director Trend and Color, and David Albow, Senior Design Director of Sportswear, introduced the Fall collection to us, which is always a favorite moment for me. Plums, browns and greens will all be represented. Strapless dress will continue to be popular, while wide-leg pants will resurface. 

Gill Heer, the Senior Designer and Director Intimate Apparel, introduced the upcoming Cacique collection. The Fall designs are influenced by pin-up style. I love the art deco looking striped bra and panties.

Richard Zielinski, the Technical Design Director, introduced us to Lane Bryant's newest innovation in jeans - T3, which stands for Tighter Tummy Technology. These jeans are supposed to adapt to your shape without regard for the "blue, red, or yellow" designation that is currently available. And, it makes you one size smaller. They pulled 4 bloggers out of the audience, had them try on jeans in their color code and then had them each try on the exact same T3 jeans. Everyone really seemed to like it. I'll have to try some on in the store to see what I think.

Lane Bryant Conference 2011 combo1

Kimberly and I took a quick jaunt on our lunch break to check out the sample sale  and to say hello to title sponsors Sonsi. The sample sale seemed pretty small.  There was more jewelry and miscellaneous items than there was clothing. A highlight was Sonsi giving away free clothes. What's not to love about that! We passed on the free clothes so that people who had paid to get in would have more options (Kimberly and I were given admittance for being part of the Fashion Front.), but we did pick up our swag bags from Sonsi.

sample sale combo

For attending the Lane Bryant Blogger Conference, I received a $50 gift card to Lane Bryant. I bought bras with it. On sale. :) The remaining swag was part of the Sonsi swag bag that every attendee of FFFW received.

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