Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Full Figured Fashion Week: Shopping for Accessories

When I was packing for Full Figured Fashion Week, I ended up with a table full of jewelry and accessories set out to go into my suitcase. I really wanted new, fun things to go with my all my new outfits, but by the time I had all my outfits planned, I only had a couple of days before I was leaving. Where to go to get a lot of different accessories fast? Charming Charlie!

I first experienced Charming Charlie when I was in Austin for the Texas Style Counsel Conference, where they were one of the sponsors. They had a table covered in broken and damaged jewelry that everyone was making art pieces from. But I kept picking up bracelets and rings that I wanted to wear rather than use for art. (Shhh. Don't tell anyone, but I may have come home with one of those rings from the table.) Anyway, so I knew that Charming Charlie had some good stuff. And I recently saw a post Kasmira did about how it's a playland for fashionistas. Sounds good to me! So I headed to the nearest one to see if I could get what I needed for FFFW.

My, oh my. I had no idea...

What I Saw When I Walked Into the Store:


The entire store is set up in color stations and has this posh Hollywood closet feel to it. Need something pink? Go to the pink station. Green? No problem. There is so much stuff inside, that it can actually be a little overwhelming. Luckily I had brought a list with me of things that I thought would work with my various outfits.

What I Looked At While Trying To Decide:


I think the photo from my packing post indicates that I was very successful in my mission. I picked up earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and even some sunglasses. I was going to get a fabulous blinged out lanyard for my work badge, but it was gone by the time I went back to pick it up. Next time!


Did you attend Full-figured fashion week? Then Charming Charlie has a contest for you! Enter to win a accessory package from Charming Charlie, valued at $250! Hurry, contest ends Saturday! Enter here.
I contacted Charming Charlie about Full Figured Fashion Week. They not only offered to sponsor my jewelry for my trip, but they also became a sponsor of the entire event. It was really cool to open my swag bag from the final event and see their name. Thank you to Charming Charlie!

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