Thursday, June 30, 2011

Work Wear: Purple & Olive

It's been awhile since Squinty McGee took over my face but he's back today. I get my beady little eyes from my father. I'm thankful for the nice full eyelashes and eyebrows he gave me (my mom has almost none of either) but I could do with some less sunken eyes. Ahhh, genetics, how fickle you are with your favors.

What I Wore While Squinting Like a Fool:

2011-06-01 combo
  • grey pants (Lane Bryant)
  • purple shirt (City Chic)
  • green wedges (BCBGirl)
  • necklace (Dana Buchman)
  • ring (Charming Charlie)
This is a really blah outfit. That's not to say that there's anything wrong with it. It's just kinda average, which was all the effort I felt like putting forward. I think if I had bothered to do something with my hair, it might have helped, but as my scraggley ends show, I did nothing but brush it.

What I Ate That Was Too Small:

2011-06-23 food
  • breakfast: cheesy egg, banana, iced coffee
  • lunch: pastrami sandwich, apple, grape tomatoes, carrots
  • snack: Balance bar, cheese stick, banana, cutie
  • dinner: WW garlic lamb, WW zucchini ribbon salad, leftover squash bread, red wine
  • dessert: Newton fruit crisp (not pictured, but included in points above), WW english toffee ice cream stick
The lamb was originally a chop and I was supposed to have 4 ounces, but once I removed the bone I discovered it was really fatty. After cutting out all the fat and bones, I was left with 2.5 ounces. Not enough! Boo. So I ended up having a Fruit Crisp later.

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