Saturday, July 16, 2011

Casual Friday: Hospital Clothes

Rand and I were killing time in my hospital room (and by room, I mean a curtained off area where about 8 other people and their families also were) before the surgeon was ready for me. I was having a hard time settling down and just reading or chatting, so we decided it would be funny to take some daily outfit photos. Totally inappropriate? Probably. Funny? Well it was to us, anyway.

What I Wore at the Hospital:

2011-07-15 combo

  • blue cotton hospital gown with convenient back entry system
  • lovely blue cap to keep your hair in it's beautiful braided condition
  • blood pressure cuff so they can make sure your heart doesn't explode
  • yellow and green bracelet stack to they don't take out your appendix instead
  • tan no slip socks so you don't sue them when you fall down in your drugged state
  • white plastic carrying bag because you need a place to stash your undies and shoes

Now, I could say that all these beautiful items were c/o the hospital, but let's be honest. I paid for them. Those socks alone probably cost me $100. And sure my insurance paid for part of it, but I'm pretty sure they're getting their money's worth out of me in the long run. :)

I know I'll get questions, so I'll go ahead and say what the surgeries were for. Rand and I are trying to have a baby and my body is being difficult. 

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Mary said...

I've had 4 surgeries for endometriosis and a 1+ year on a round of lupron. I have 2 happy healthy boys. I pray success for you and Rand. oxox