Thursday, July 21, 2011

Work Wear: City Chic White Tuxedo Jacket

I am not sure why, but every time I photograph this white jacket, it turns out with a blue tint. The rest of the photo is in the correct colors. Oh well. It's a plain white jacket. Trust me. :) And I hit up my Pinterest board again for some hair inspiration.

What I Wore That Looks Blue Instead of White:

2011-06-29 combo

What I Ate That Was Healthy Once Again:

2011-06-29 food

  • breakfast: egg, turkey bacon, FF slice cheese, oranges, iced coffee
  • lunch: turkey Flat Out wrap with veggies, pretzels, apple 
  • snack: balance bar, figs, cheese
  • dinner: squash and pasta*, white wine
  • dessert: black bean brownies
* I use 1T oil rather than what the recipe calls for.

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