Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work Wear: Just My Size Patterned Top

Ah the joys of home ownership - today after work (I made it a full day, thank you very much!) we had someone stop by to give us an estimate on getting our sprinkler system repaired. Since the repair guy had to check out the system, I spent 20 minutes running around in my yard getting sprinkled on. Let me tell you, there are worse ways to spend a hot afternoon. It was so refreshing!

What I Wore While Getting The Sprinkers Repaired:

2011-06-28 combo

My hair is styled based on a look that I pinned on Pinterest called "prim and proper."  I loved it! My hair is a little longer and thicker than the hair models, so my chignon is a little lower, but I think it looks pretty good. Very work appropriate and great for summer without being "just a ponytail."

* I really love the colors and pattern in this shirt. Since it was swag, I didn't get to pick my size and it's too big. I had it tucked in such a way that it worked, but it was hard to keep in place all day long. So this is probably the only time I will wear it. I'm sad b/c I know if it was in my real size I would wear it a ton.

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