Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Work Wear: Neutrals

I find it amusing that half the things I am wearing today were given to me by other people. So, thanks to everyone else for making this outfit possible. :)

What I Wore Thanks To So Many People:

2011-06-02 combo
  • slacks (Lane Bryant)
  • plaid shell (via Kmart)
  • jacket (Land's End, thrifted and gifted from Elissa of Dress With Courage)
  • orange heels (Jones New York)
  • clear necklace (LOFT)
  • gold necklace (loaned from Sara of Bombshell Beauty)
  • earrings (hand-me-down from Mom)
  • sunglasses (Wanted)

What I Ate That Was a Beany Flop:
2011-06-27 food

I've made black bean brownies before, but this time I had the bright idea to make them with sugar free brownie mix. Mistake. Big mistake. They came out thoroughly mediocre. But that's not gonna stop me from eating them this week.

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