Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Work Wear: Simple Blue Dress

I felt so much better today in terms of pain and mobility but I am still drained. I just want to sleep. That wasn't really an option, so back to work for me. I kept my outfit easy and loose so that it wouldn't irritate the stitches in my stomach. I didn't make it a full day at the office, but I think by tomorrow I'll be up for an entire day of the rat race.

What I Wore On My First Day Back at Work:

2011-06-27 combo

  • cream tank (Old Navy)
  • blue dress (Avenue)
  • green flats (Decree via JCPenney)
  • brown necklace (Forever21)
  • headband (?)

What I Ate While Not Caring:

The combination of dental work and surgery resulted in me paying absolutely no attention to what I've been eating for a solid week. In fact, I may have eaten so much Cap'n Crunch over the weekend that the inside of my mouth has been destroyed. So I really expected to have put on at least a few pounds, but when I got on the scale this morning, I was actually down another pound. I'm hoping that I feel up to going to the grocery store tomorrow night so I can stock up on lots of healthy foods. We're down to bare cupboards again.

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Delane said...

This is dress is very flattering on you.