Friday, August 26, 2011

Casual Friday: Stripes and Plaid

It finally happened - my teeth have given up. My crown popped off last night during dinner so I went to the dentist to have it put back on. As soon as I got to the office, it popped off again. And I was in so much pain. So without doing a single bit of work, I left the office and went to have an emergency root canal. It was a Vicodin kind of afternoon and I did not go back to the office. But I know that pretty soon I will be feeling no more pain from that tooth. It's an exciting prospect.

What I Wore To Get An Emergency Root Canal:

2011-07-29 combo

  • jeans (Avenue)
  • blue striped shirt (Kmart)
  • plaid tweed jacket (Target)
  • green flats (Decree via JCPenney)
  • necklace (c/o Charming Charlie)
  • lizard cuff bracelet (gift)

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