Thursday, August 25, 2011

Community Clothing: Ashley Stewart Grey Leather Vest

During the final runway show at Full Figured Fashion Week, Kimberly of Fab Finds Under $50 and I both fell in love with a beautiful grey leather vest that Ashley Stewart sent down the runway. While walking back to our hotel after the show we started jokingly arguing about which of us was going to get to buy it when it comes out in the Fall. There was lots of "No, I'm gonna buy it." being said in between bites of street hotdogs (ummm, hello, I said we were in NYC so of course we were eating street hotdogs at 11pm as we were walking in our formal gowns.)

My blurry photo from the runway.

Then we hit on the perfect solution. We should both get it and do a post comparing how we each wore it. A few months ago, Kimberly, Sara of Bombshell Beauty, and I all bought a striped sweater from Lane Bryant and did the same thing. I loved seeing how different people with different lifestyles and different sized and shaped bodies, living in different parts of the country all put their personal spin on the same garment. It just really goes to show how much personal style affects how clothing looks. So we rounded everyone up again to try out the Ashley Stewart vest.

Tina's vest photoDSCN8291005

I opted to incorporate the vest into a corporate look (who says you can't make leather conservative?), Kimberly went causal and sparkly with jeans and sequins, and Sara opted for bombshell date night look. I love that we're all wearing completely different colors with it too. I've got green and blue on, Kimberly has on silver and denim, and Sara went for a beautiful pink, black, and purple shoes!

Is this vest an item you would work into your wardrobe? How would you wear it? If you've fallen in love with it like we did, it is available from Ashley Stewart.

We contacted Ashley Stewart to see how we could get these vests since they weren't available at the time, and Ashley Stewart offered to send them to us so we could do this project. I would like to send a very big thank you to Ashley Stewart for their generosity. It saved Kimberly and me from devolving into a cat fight about who got to buy it. My love of this vest was in no way influenced by the fact that I didn't pay for it. I was already planning on buying b/c I think it's awesome!

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