Saturday, August 27, 2011

Event Recap: Clutts Catwalk at Tootsies

Earlier this month, I attended the The Clutts Catwalk at Tootsies here in Dallas. It was a charity fashion event benefitting the Dallas Children's Theatre. That is what most of Dallas's fashion events are - charity events. Sometimes you get high fashion and sometimes you get ready-to-wear. This show was all items for sale at Tootsies. They had some beautiful things, but all of it was size 0, so I just looked. :)

tootsies catwalk
Photos by Plano Pete Photography and  James Edward Photography
I met Metsy Corter of My Brain on Shuffle and Elissa of Dress With Courage there to enjoy the runway show, the free champagne, and all the great people watching. I must admit that the highlight of the show was when a bevvy of hot, shirtless men strutted down the runway carrying silver trays of accessories. Yes, thank you.

Tootsies bloack
The runway, the champagne, poses for photographers with Tyler Kerbyson, Metsy and Elissa, hot shirtless model
Photos by Plano Pete Photography and James Edward Photography

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