Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Featured In: Smashion

Smashion contacted me to do an interview and they just posted it a few days ago. Have you heard of Smashion? It's a site to sell your clothes. Do you sell your clothes when you no longer wear them? If so, how?

Smashion interview

I usually donate my things to Goodwill, but recently I've been wanting to sell some things, b/c I've got a bunch of brand new or almost new clothing. I've been toying with the idea of selling them on Smashion and would love to hear your feedback, if you've ever bought  or sold anything through them. In fact, I would love to hear your experience with buying or selling clothing in any context. What do you like, not like, etc? Have you had good experiences, bad? I don't think I've ever purchased used clothing on line before b/c I've always been worried things wouldn't fit. But I know tons of people buy/sell things on eBay and tons of other sites.

And on that note, I'm setting up a site to sell some of my clothes. It's not 100% ready yet, but if you want to see what is posted so far, feel free to check it out. I was going to wait until everything was fully posted, but I've already had 3 people ask to buy things that are listed there, so I figured I might as well tell everyone about it.

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