Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Work Wear: Purple Satin Tunic

This is another tunic that I've tucked in to make a work appropriate blouse. I love how the length of a tunic ensures that it stays tucked in all day long. And the satin fabric glides under the skirt rather than pulling. I'm sold.

Okay, it's hot. We all know that this summer. But last night Rand and I got into a dispute b/c I couldn't believe that the temperature on his car could possibly be correct. I thought it must have been reading high from being in the sun. Rand and I dispute things a lot, so I turned to our standard method of resolution - The Internet (duh). And lo and behold, he was right. Folks, it was 106 here in Dallas at 7pm. Yikes.

What I Wore That Was Shiny Lavender:

2011-07-19 combo

* Kmart sent me this tunic and the colors seems to be a reverse of those that are available online. I don't know if the image online is incorrectly color balanced or if it's a different color of the same shirt. But I assume that there were originally two colors and this one is just no longer available.

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