Friday, August 12, 2011

Shop My Closet

My "Shop My Closet" section is offically open. I'm adding things as I have time to upload photos, but here is what is available so far.

If you see something you want, snag it quickly b/c people are buying things as soon as I post them. Some of the clothing is used clothing that either I don't wear anymore or is too small, etc. And some of it is new clothing that I accidentally ended up with duplicates of or things that I purchased online and didn't return after I figured out it didn't fit or didn't suit me.

for salefor sale 3for salefor saleAEBD2810for sale - blue blouse 6red blouse 2orange blouse 3green blouse 1
for salefor sale green jacket 3Magenta Tweed Jacket 2
vintage dress 2INES For salefor sale54813_Khaki_3img-thing55656_Black_1

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