Monday, August 15, 2011

Work Wear: Orange & Tan Dress

Last time I wore this dress, I hike it up, belted it, and wore it as a shirt with some slacks. I did that b/s I wasn't really sure that it was long enough to wear to the office. I decided to be bold and wear it to work as it was intended to be - a dress. I'm not sold on it. I feel like it's just too short on me. Well, too short for the office. I'ts about 2 inches above my knee. Honestly, it's probably a little too short for my comfort in general, but I was definitely self conscious about it at the office. Maybe I should add it to my Shop My Closet?

What I Wore That Was a Smidge Short:

2011-07-21 combo

  • dress (K Woman via plus size consignment store)
  • nude flats (Target)
  • necklace (LOFT)

1 comment:

Chelsea said...

OR save it for fall/winter and wear with leggings (or if your office is chilly bring 'em with you). I love leggings for making scandalous lengths a bit more appropriate.

But I also gotta say... I do not think it's too short at all. Great length on you, in fact! But you're comfort level is way more important than my opinion :)