Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Work Wear: Studded Flats

I tried out some new-to-me curlers last night. I spritzed my hair ever so slightly with water and then put it up in the curlers and slept in them. Result? Big hair! Not as big it's been occasionally (hello, rag curlers!) but still pretty big. Oh yeah, the curlers were Curl Formers and I got them at Sally Beauty.

What I Wore With Big Hair:

2011-07-12 combo

  • black slacks (Lane Bryant)
  • white blouse (Target)
  • black bracelet (made by a friend from a t-shirt)
  • silver bangles (?)
  • silver aligator bracelet (gift from Kimberly)
  • green wooden bangle (Lane Bryant)
  • studded black flats (Gabriella Rocha)
  • nail polish (no clue, from the 90% off section of CVS)
What I Ate While Still Tracking:

2011-07-12 food

Yes, I ate chinese. But I totally looked up the points and made sure that I was okay for the day. However, I did not actually put them into my tracker for some reason, so I don't have the specific points for everything today. Oops.

  • breakfast: egg on toast, apple, grape tomatoes, coffee with creamer
  • lunch: leftover rice casserole, snap peas, banana
  • snack: blueberries, carrots, cheese, Balance bar
  • dinner: chinese delivery

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