Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing Fashion Genius

Charming Shoppes just unveiled their new online plus size "fit" technology - Fashion Genius. In less than 3 minutes and with no measurements required, Fashion Genius will identify your unique body shape & personal style preferences, and then match your style to the perfect bras, tops and pants available from all of Charming Shoppes stores: Lane Bryant, Sonsi, Fashion Bug, Catherine's, and Loop 18.

Step 1: Pick Your Survey

Fashion genius

I tested out of the new program and it's super easy. First you select which survey you want to to take. I chose "bottoms"  b/c pants can be problematic for me. I was a short series of questions like "Do your pants usually gape at the waist?" and "How likely are you to wear these pants?" along with several photos of different pant styles. It took just a minute or two to complete.

Step 2: Review Your Profile

Fashion genius 2

After the survey is completed, a synopsis of your personal style pops up along with some fashion tips specific to your style. Two of the tips Fashion Genius had for me :

  1. Ruched fabric cleverly hides your tummy.
  2. Tops with hemlines that fall below the waist better suit your figure
Step 3: Shop!

Fashion genius 3

After the survey is complete, you will shown a selection of clothing that fit your personal style and figure. I really like that this process lets me focus on clothing that is flattering to my figure as well as fitting my personal taste. No more having to wade through pages of clothing that just isn't "me."

Will you be using Fashion Genius to personalize your shopping experience?
Sonsi invited me to try out their new Fashion Genius and this post is part of the Sonsi Fashion Genius Promotion and I will receive a $25 gift card for my time. However, my summary of my experience with Fashion Genius is entirely my own.

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