Friday, October 7, 2011

Casual Friday: Pink & Blue Cropped Jacket

Most mornings, I stop on the sidewalk on my way to my car, whip out my tripod, set my camera with the face detect setting and then step in front of the camera where it takes 3 pictures in a row. Bam, bam, bam. The whole process takes about 30 seconds unless I can tell from the small screen that my eyes are closed or I look completely ridiculous, in which case I do it again. I hate doing it again, so my criteria for retakes is pretty high. Today I had one picture with my eyes closed, one brushing my hair out of my lip gloss, and one walking back to the camera. Oops. So you get hand in hair. I actually liked the one of me walking back to the camera b/c it caught me mid-stride and I was fascinated by what big steps I must take. But it was completely blurry. And you probably would not have been as interested as I was by the big steps.

What I Wore While Keeping My Hair Out Of My Lipgloss:

2011-09-15 combo

  • jeans, shortened (DKNY via Lane Bryant)
  • tank (Just My Size)
  • jacket (Target via hand-me-down from Tina)
  • zipper flats (via Ross)
  • necklace (LOFT)

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