Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Work Wear: Black Slacks

Rand stayed home today while I went to work because we had a handyman out to take care of some stuff around the house that we've been putting off for the last year. One of the things that they are doing is ripping out the bathroom vanity and replacing it with one we got at Ikea. Unfortunately there were some issues so it didn't get finished today. It just feels wrong to brush your teeth at the kitchen sink, but it's so much better than when we didn't have a kitchen and we had to wash our dishes in the bathroom sink. LOL

What I Wore While Brushing In the Kitchen:

2011-09-14 combo

  • grey pintucked top (Target)
  • black slacks (Lane Bryant)
  • black/grey rosette (lane Bryant)
  • bracelet (jewelry party)
  • heels (Payless)
  • necklace (inherited from grandma)

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