Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not a Barber

I am not a barber, or a stylist, or anything at all like that. But that did not stop me from taking a pair of sharp scissors to my hair and chopping off 3 inches today. My hair has gotten crazy long, and that combined with lots of layers has created a...shall we say "windswept" look at the bottom of my hair. Really, it looks scraggly and unkempt and like someone brushed it with a egg beater.  My mom was going to trim it for me over Thanksgiving, but we ended up not having any time. I could have made a new appointment with my stylist, but I'm still a little embarrassed for standing her up when I made a last minute trip to Illinois to see my sister. Oops.

Anyway, I couldn't it anymore. Chop, chop, chop. It's much healthier now, but I'm not even positive that the back lines up. I could have big chunks hanging down and have no clue. Rand hasn't said anything, but that doesn't mean much.

What I Wore After Chopping My Own Hair:

2011-11-28 combo
Awkward pose alert! The wind was attacking me and I was in a rush b/c the construction guys were starting to laugh at me. :)

  • maroon maxi skirt (thrifted)
  • orange crochet trim tank (Old Navy via Goodwill)
  • patterned cardigan (Lane Bryant)
  • earrings (c/o Charming Charlie)
  • nude flats (Target)
Kitty Cat Bonus Photo:

Beau decided to join us while we were sitting at the table and it just so happened that my necklace from yesterday was sitting on the table. And I mean "just so happened" as in "I'm a slob and of course it was sitting there in that totally inappropriate location 24 hours after I took it off." Anyway, Rand decided that Beau needed some bling. He's a pimp. Beau, the Pimp Kitty.

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