Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finally Boots!

It's finally boot weather here in Dallas, and I am soooo excited! Whooo hoooo! Now I just need to dig them all out from the piles that I use to organize my shoes. I find that it's much easier to find the shoes I want when I have to dig through giant piles. Why have them all neatly lined up in a closet when you can just throw them on the floor in the guest room?? Gah, I really need to get my shoe closet fixed. I'm ruining all my shoes.

What I Wore With Boots:

2011-11-27 combo

  • patterned dress (Kmart)
  • chambray shirt (Target via Goodwill)
  • argyle socks (Target)
  • brown wedge boots (Cloudwalkers via Avenue)
  • necklace & earrings (Macy's)
  • bracelet (from a jewelry party)

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