Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fire Fire Fire

I've been trying to get our fireplace inspected and repaired for a few months now. I thought I had called to make an appointment early enough in the year that it would be no problem, but I was totally wrong. I should have called while it was still 100 degrees outside rather than when it was 80. But the day finally arrived and the news was good - we can remove the gas logs that are in there and have a real fire. I am so excited! I love a real fire. Hello, s'mores and reading by the fire, here I come!

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "It looks like a paisley barfed up pink*. That's paisley, right?"

What I Wore While Getting The Fireplace Fixed:

2011-12-01 combo

*My top is more of a fuschia/bright pink, rather than the purple it's reading in these photos.
What I Ate That Wasn't a S'more...Yet:

2011-12-1-01 food

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