Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bear of Forgiveness

One of my oldest friends just had her second baby. She and I made plans to get together at her house so I could see her cutie patootie. I didn't want her to go to any trouble for dinner, so I ran to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner for a couple of nights. Or at least I thought I could run to the store. I ended up having to go to 2 grocery stores and it took 3 hours. How the heck does it take 3 hours to get ingredients for 4 meals (2 for her and 2 for us)?!?! I have no clue, but it did and I ended up being almost an hour late going over to her house. Good thing I showed up with a giant plastic bear full of animal crackers, so all was forgiven.

What I Wore While Spending 3 Hours at Grocery Stores:

2011-12-08 combo

  • studded jeggings* (c/o Simply Be)
  • green cowlneck sweater (Old Navy)
  • green earrings (gift)
  • olive leaf brooch (via Goodwill)
  • olive flats (Kmart)
* video review of jeggings and other Simply Be items coming soon!

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