Friday, March 2, 2012

The Godfather

Back in the day, I worked in the film industry. When I was in film school, it came out that I had never seen the Godfather trilogy, everyone was flabbergasted and I never heard the end of it. So I sat down one day and watched all three of them back-to-back, and then I never watched them again. Here it is, almost 20 years later and Rand mentioned wanting to watch them. Now he is flabbergasted that I've only ever seen them once. I can't win! So we recorded them all and we started watched them last night.

Maybe in 20 years, I'll watch them again.  LOL

What I Wore While Watching The Godfather:

2012-03-02 combo

  • blue ruffle dress (Avenue)
  • grey patterned cardigan (Lane Bryant)
  • grey striped tank (Sonoma)
  • grey suede boots (Lane Bryant Outlet)
  • necklace (Old Navy)

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