Monday, March 5, 2012

I Heart Zombies

I love all things zombie and that includes The Walking Dead.  I wish it was a little more survivalist and a little less soap opera-y, but it still rocks. Rand doesn't really like TV and it's one of the few shows that we watch together.

What I Wore While Watching The Walking Dead:

2012-03-05 combo

  • jeans (Genius Fit by Lane Bryant*)
  • blue peasant blouse (Lane Bryant via thrift)
  • green cardigan (NY&Co.)
  • green shoes (Two Lips)
  • earrings (Dana Buchman via Kohl's)
  • ring (Target)
  • green glitter polish (unknown brand via CVS)
* review coming soon

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Anonymous said...

Hullo there!

I found your blog whilst searching for closet tours
Just wanted to say nice blog and your very glam!

Love from Scotland !