Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's Not a Suit

At my new job, I'm a lawyer but not a lawyer. I am a member of staff. See, they wanted a lawyer to fill the position but I'm not practicing law for the firm. So it's been interesting to try to strike the right balance with my clothes. especially because the firm is fairly conservative and business formal. I need to look dressier than most of the staff but not as formal as the lawyers. This means that most of my clothes are too casual, but I don't need to wear my suits every day. So this is my first attempt at a modified suit of a sort.

What I Wore That Wasn't Really a Suit:

2012-04-02 combo

  • blue pinstripe skirt (thrifted, CATO)
  • blue/grey patterned shell (via JC Penney)
  • grey jacket (Lane Bryant, thrifted)
  • rosette pin (Lane Bryant)
  • grey pumps (Steve Madden)
  • earrings (??)
  • sunglasses (c/o Charming Charlie)

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