Friday, March 30, 2012

No Maternity Jeans Yet!

I've been worried about having to buy maternity clothes, but so far all my regular clothes fit. In fact, some of them are too big right now. I've lost some weight since getting pregnant and my body has definitely shifted where I am carrying my weight. Most of my pants are really baggy in the butt but fit great in the waist (since my butt has shrunk and my waist is expanding). These jeans had actually been a little tight not too long ago, so they are one of the few pairs that don't just hang off my butt. I don't think I'll be buying maternity jeans since summer is on it's way, but you never know...

What I Wore That Still Fits:

2012-03-30 COMBO

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Hi I have just came acroosed with your blog a few days I ago!!! And im loving it!!! Your clothes!!! Are just fab!! And you seem a really nice person too!!! So far im in your outfit of feb 2011 thats how far ive gone!!! Im a new follower eventhought i dont have a blogg yet!!!! No just yet!! Hehe!