Friday, March 6, 2009

Death By Bachelorette

  • "Diva" trouser jeans (Old Navy)
  • grey pintucked shortsleeve blouse (Old Navy)
  • grey/purple plaid flannel flats (Steve Madden)
  • sunglasses (Target)

If I took pictures of everything I ate today it would have filled my entire memory card today. When I am really hungover, I need grease and sugar and lots of it. I don't usually drink to excess and I never do it during the work week, but the bachelorette is my oldest friend and she needed a big celebration. And boy did we give it to her. And now I can refrain from that kind of night for a long time. I'm too old for that. Ugh. So food...let's see...McDonalds, junk food from CVS, pizza (for the 3rd time this week), girl scout cookies, of those cupcakes from yesterday.

And tomorrow is the wedding. Looks like Monday will be when I'll be back on track. I'm going to try to have a healthy day all day until the reception. I can do it, right?

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