Friday, March 6, 2009

When Cupcakes and Saki Bombs Attack

Written Thursday...

It's been another rough day today. A coworker brought in cupcakes today. (Yes it's the same evil even though she's great coworker that brought in brownies last week.) I'm having a very hard time. Tonight is a friend's bachelorette party, so I know I am going to go over my calories for the day anyway. So I'm having that urge to just blow the whole day. WHICH IS THE WRONG ATTITUDE!!! ACK!!! I know that, but I'm still feeling that way. I know what I really need to do is the exact opposite. I need to keep my calories low today in order to help balance out tonight.

I was doing okay until coworker #2 brought one to the table and ate it right next to me. But they're chocolate, my brain reminds me, you don't like chocolate cake or cupcakes. Yes, but it's Ghiradeli dark chocolate. I like dark moist cupcakes. But when coworker #2 ate his, it looked dry and overcooked. That's exactly what you hate about chocolate cake - dryness. Yes, but she said some of them were undercooked. ACK! When coworker #2 ate his cupcake right in my face, I ate my South Beach chocolate raspberry snack bar delight. It helped. Briefly.

But now it's after 3 o'clock, which means it's soup time. I really count on my afternoon soup to get me through to dinner. I've got my soup, but I left my soup mug at home. I have nothing in which to warm or serve my soup. Great. So now I'm hungry AND craving brownies AND Thin Mints. Did I mention Evil Coworker #1 also brought Thin Mints in?!?!?!? I'm going to eat my SoyJoy, but it's not going to be enough to hold me until dinner tonight, esp since that's at least an hour later than normal b/c of the bachelorette. I fear I am going down, but I am off to grab some hot tea and my SoyJoy in an attempt to resist.


Ok I got invited to Starbucks so I grabbed a skinny latte for a mere 100 calories and avoided the cupcakes. Whew.

What I Wore While Contemplating Death By Cupcake:

  • blue wide-leg slacks (Gap)
  • white tank (Old Navy)
  • white cardi (Target)
  • red/white/blue scarf (thrifted)
  • silver disk earrings (Walmart)
  • red croc pumps (Ann Marino)
  • black purse (Reaction by Kenneth Cole)

It's a little patriotic looking, but not too bad. And Ilove my new scarf. Even if I did look like a flight attendant/cowboy.

What I Wore While Being Attacked By Saki Bombs:

  • denim pencil skirt (Target)
  • black graphic T (Lane Bryant)
  • black boots (Cloudwalkers)
  • cream/gold purse (via Kohls)
  • gold tone chain (H&M)
  • gold tone earrings (?? I've had them since I was in college)
What I Ate Drank:

  • breakfast: oatmeal jar
  • lunch: same as all week
  • snacks: 1 SoyJoy, 1 SouthBeach bar, 15 sesame rice crackers
  • dinner: smoked salmon sandwich, fries
  • drinks with the bachelorette: 2 La Fin du Monde (my fave beer), 2 vodka gingerale, countless sake bombs
  • midnight drunk munching: tons of Puffins cereal, 1/4 goji berry & salt chocolate bar

Total Calories: TONS AND TONS

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