Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patty's Day Festivities

Okay it's not really St. Patrick'sDay yet, but here in Dallas there is a parade and a street party on the weekend. So we walked to a local irish pub and the festivites began quite early. We have some guest phots today. Ha!

What We Wore That Was Green:

Most of the clothes are from Old Navy, the Gap, and Target with some Ralph Lauren and Converse thrown in.

What I Ate While Pretending I was Irish:

I logged most of what I ate (and DRANK) yesterday into The Daily Plate. It was not pretty. I didn't actually eat a lot of food - just 3 meals, no snacks, but none of it was healthy and it shows by this big number.
  • breakfast: nutella crepes & hashbrowns from IHOP
  • lunch: sample plate of corned beef & cabbage, whiskey chicken, & shepherds pie at the bar
  • St. Patty's: 4 Guinness, 1 Harp, 1 jello shot
  • dinner: chicken crispers and a Guinness from Chili's
  • dessert: 1/2 Terra Nostra choc bar

Total for the Day: 4600 calories. YIKES!

We Have Movement!: Since we walked to bar for non-drunken-driving safety, I finally got a little exercise this week. The walk there and bck was about 1.8 miles total, so about 40 min of walking total.


Donna said...

Yikes!! indeed on the calorie count...hmmm, maybe I need to be a lot more scrupulous about logging what I consume. Holy Toledo!

Tina said...

Holy Toledo indeed! It was a caloric day!