Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stress & Poor Planning is Not an Excuse

Today was rather stressful at work. First, my contract job is over no later than Friday, then it's going until Tuesday, and then maybe for a few months??? Okay, not confusing at all. I came home from work and Rand had picked up a movie and some wine. We started getting out the ingredients to make the fish that we were supposed to have on Monday. The jalapeno has rotted. (WTF? We just bought it on Sunday) So we'll have pasta, which is what was on the menu for tonight anyway. Still no pasta sauce. Man we are really on top of this. 0 out of 3 meals on the menu so far this week. And I'm going out tomorrow for a bachelorette and we've got a wedding on Saturday and brunch (for the wedding) on Sunday. So I just said fuck it and we ordered pizza. Ugh. But damn, it was good. At least we didn't get Dominos. We ordered from a local place down the street, and Rand picked out the best pizza - pestos with red onions, tomatoes, and chicken. YUMMY! I may have eaten 4 pieces. Ugh.

What I Wore While Stressed Out at Work:

  • Black slacks (Lane Bryant)
  • Black scoopneck stretchy shirt (?? so old)
  • Pink cardigan w/ black beaded trim (?? mega sale at JC Penny)
  • Black heels (Circa by Joan & David)
  • Black skinny belt (Target)
  • Black beaded chandelier earrings (??)
  • Silver tone necklace with black square stone (hand-me-down from a friend)
  • Black purse (Reaction by Kenneth Cole)

BTW, that's a very sloppy, very frizzy ponytail sporting a very cute pink flower.

What I Ate Before and After Using Poor Planning as an Excuse:

  • Breakfast (338): cherry/apple/almond oatmeal jar, coffee with creamer, 1 Viactive multivitamin
  • Lunch (360): chicken sandwich with mustard, 1 string cheese, 2 cuties, 10 baby carrots
  • Snacks (370): 2 cups of Progresso soup, 1 South Beach Chocolate Raspberry Snack Bar Delights, 1 Mango Coconut SoyJoy bar, Coke Zero
  • Dinner (1158): 4 slices pesto/chicken pizza, 15 sesame rice crackers

Total Calories: 2226 (so painful, but better than it could have been. I almost ate some sweets after dinner in a who fucking cares anyway moment, but I decided not to use my earlier excuse as an excuse to keep pigging out.)

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Maria said...

This is my favorite work outfit thus far!