Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week 2 Goals

So I forgot to report on how I did on my week 1 goals and what my week 2 goals are. Doh!

Goals Results for Week 1:

Food: Success

  • Eat fruit at breakfast and lunch, eat veggies at lunch and dinner. Every meal, no exceptions. I think I did this every day except my splurge day.
  • 1800 calories per day, except Saturday which is date night. YES! But changed splurge day to Sunday and stayed on track fro calories on Saturday.
  • Make a meal plan for the week AND STICK TO IT! We made a meal plan, bought all the groceries and stuck to it for most days. I ate at work one night and we were missing some ingredients another night. But we just shuffled meals around to accomodate. So I think we did really well here.

Exercise: Total Failure. I did nothing except walk some stairs at work. Ugh.

  • Take a casual walk with Rand around the neighborhood one day
  • Go to Latin Spice class with Maria on Wednesday.
  • Do one workout DVD at home.

Appearance: Total Success

  • Plan 4 outfits for the week that are pulled together rather than thrown together.
  • Slather on body lotion every night before bed.

Goals for Week 2:

Food: same as week 1 (They say it takes 2 weeks to form a habit!)

Exercise: let's start a little smaller. Any kind of exercise 20 min or more, 2 days this week.

Appearance: same as week 1 PLUS floss at least 4 times. (I hate flossing!!!)

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