Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Babies & Cookie Cakes

Rand's Daily Outfit Assessment: "You look like a pirate. That's one puffy shirt. Those are puffy sleeves." Thanks for paraphrasing Seinfeld at me, Rand.

Today a coworker received this cute cookie cake and she set it out for everyone to enjoy. Did I succumb to the instructions to "Relax and Pig Out!"?

As soon as dinner was over we ran to the hospital to see some friends and their newborn. I'm not gonna lie. I think I was a little jealous. :)

What I Wore While Looking Like a Pirate...ARRRRGGG:

  • redviolet/black/white blouse (a.n.a., thrifted Goodwill)
  • black slacks (Lane Bryant)
  • grey vest (Lane Bryant)
  • skinny black belt (Nine West)
  • earrings (Target)
  • magenta snakeskin kitten heels (Steven by Steve Madden)

What I Ate Before Rushing Off To See a New Baby:

* After looking at everything I had scheduled to eat for the day, I did a little adjusting and found out that I could have a small piece of the cookie cake. It was good, but the small piece was plenty.

What I Did Because TV Influences Me:

Last week I requested that my library reserve a couple of DVDs for me. One of them was a movie but the other was a workout video. I watch The Biggest Loser, so I thought I would try The Biggest Loser: The Workout. I really like that I can just check this out from the library b/c it's not anything I would have ever purchased. It wasn't really like any other DVD I've done. There are 4 different workouts, which is great. And the people in the videos are real people - various cast members of the Biggest Loser. As a result they weren't always on tempo with each other, and sometimes they had a hard time keeping up with what they were supposed to be doing.

My assessment: it would be great for someone who has never really done much exercise, but the moves were too basic for me to enjoy. Having said that, I did get a workout. The sheer number of repetitions of movements really made some of it difficult. I'll check out some of the other workouts on the DVD, but it's not something I really would want to add to my video library.

Total for the Day: glasses of water, 28.5 points (1631 calories), 30 minutes of exercise


Anonymous said...

There's never anything wrong with looking like a pirate. ;-)

Diana said...

Rand has the most awesome comments :)

Love the outfit, especially the vest.

eednic said...

Rand, Rand, Rand. NO! You do not look like a pirate. You look amazing! Shirt, belt, shoes, vest, all of it: superb!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

i luuuuuurve this shirt and shoes together. hooray for matchy! seriously. and you do NOT look like a pirate. (incidentally, they say arr, not argh- they're trying to be terrifying, not frustrated :P)

just my style said...

I love the colors in your outfit always do such a great job putting things together. Rand's comments are fanfreakintabulous! I am sad when we don't get his take on your daily wear. How are you liking WW? I must say that your food always looks so good. I do WW also and my food never looks as scrumptious as your does! Awesome job with the daily diet and exercise, I can't ever seem to do both on a daily basis for very long. You inspire me....

PS..That cookie is rad

Sher said...

You make the best looking pirate I've ever seen!

PBC said...

Pirate smirate, you look beautiful to me.

Sheila said...

You look awesome! You have inspired me to wear puffy sleeves tomorrow. I LOVE that vest on you, girl!

Sometimes, just a taste is all you need - I did learn that from WW. I don't need to eat a huge piece to really savour something yummy. Good for you!

Kari said...

I love Rand's daily assessments. He sounds like a hilarious guy.

Arrrgh, I'll bet that most pirates (or pirate wenches) NEVER looked nearly this good.

Do you have On Demand cable? I only have the free stuff, but I found a really neat Bollywood dance/cardio routine that I'm thinking of trying out this summer. It looks really fun.

Tina said...

Lauren - I agree!

Diana - thanks. Yeah, he can be pretty funny.

eednic - thanks!

Thrifty Stylist - I was a little unsure about the matchy matchy. ARRRRR. LOL.

just my style - I wish I got comments from him every day. But some days he is too interested in his pillow or his cup of coffee to really see me. I like WW pretty well. We'll see how it goes. I try really hard to make full meals for us, so that Rand doesn't suffer from me watching what I eat. And I'm a big fan of lots of veggies and lots of color on the plate. If you ever see something you want a receipe for, feel free to ask. I try to link to it, if I got it online, but I don't always remember.

Sher - thanks!

Denise - You are the sweetest Stipped Weck Mother ever!

Sheila - long live puffy sleeves! ha! I'm working on the taste is enough thing. I can be such a glutton. I'm hoping that eventually it will come naturally rather than being an effort.

Kari - He is pretty funny. It's part of his charm. I do have OnDemand. I usually forget that they have workout stuff there. I only remember about 3 times/year. I'll have to lookfor the Bollywood one. That sounds fun!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

I don't know Rand, but I like him already :-) This outfit is something I would wear in a heart beat. Love the look!

PS: I a 35 yr old with no kids so I can empathize with you on the jealousy part.

Lorena said...

This looks great !... I think your friend is just jealous that he couldn´t look that good in a puffy shirt.

Brooke said...

I covet those shoes. Period. ;)

Tina said...

Honeybunches - You and I are of an age - I'm 34.

Lorena - Rand would look quite silly in a puffy shirt, but part of his charm is that he would put one on if he thought it would make me smile.

Brooke - Thanks! Want to know a secret? I can't get polish the same color and the cobbler can't redye them the same color (where the color fades due to wear) so I've colored them not once but twice with a sharpie! LOL.

Brooke said...

It'a awesome that you have a cobbler, and even more awesome that you fixed them yourself. Hooray for not throwing things away! :)

Milly said...

Nice blouse and shoes!

Tina said...

Brooke - I know! I love saving things. Economical AND environmental.

Milly - thanks!