Thursday, July 16, 2009

Borat & Beef Cups

We went over to some friends' house for dinner and a movie. Sadly the movie was Borat. I've been refusing to see this movie b/c I knew I would hate it, but everyone else wanted to see it, so I decided to be a good sport. Yep, I hated it. I was so embarassed I had to leave the room. LOL

What I Wore Prior to Being Embarassed By a Fictional Character:

  • cream shell (target)
  • jersey skirt (via Kmart)
  • black patent pumps (Payless)
  • grey snakeskin belt (Dots)
  • champagne pearl earrings (thrifted new, Goodwill)
  • champagne pearl necklace (thrifted, local charity shop)

What I Ate From My New Lunchbox:

  • breakbast: 1 c. Fiver One, cherries, Almond Breeze
  • lunch: PB&J (almond butter), carrots, zucchini, cherries
  • snack: small apple, string cheese, SoyJoy
  • dinner: BBQ beef cups, roasted broccoli (no pic b/c I was at a friend's and I forgot)
  • dessert: Skinny Cow cone

What I Did While the Gym Was Empty:

It's a mini Tour of Tina's Feet
  • 10 min of rowing
  • 10 minutes of Stairs of Death
  • 12 minutes intervals on treadmill

4 Weight Watchers Activity Points earned.

Total for the Day: 31.5 points food, 7 glasses water, 32 minnutes exercise


Anonymous said...

I also refuse to see Borat because it looks awful, and I know I'll hate it. I also refuse to see Bruno. However, I do admit that some of the commercials for them make me laugh.

Also, LOVE this outfit!

Honeybunches of Roses said...

you are a better sport than me, I would have kept saying NO. LOL

I love the bold graphic look with the pearls. Nice touch!

eednic said...

totes funky belt and skirt!! totes.

Tina said...

Lauren - The scripted parts of it were often funny, but all the interactions with real people just made me scringe. Thanks!

Honeybunches - Even though I hated the movie, I really enjoyed spending the evening at our friends' house, so I'm glad I finally agreed to see it. It was worth the torture. Thanks!

eednic - Thanks!

Work With What You've Got said...

I also hated Borat.

I LOVE that skirt/shirt/belt combo on you though, va va voom!~

Also, I forgot to say. I LOVED HP6. LOVED. I didnt even have to pee. (I was so scared I was going to have to pee). My favorite is when Harry makes the "pinchers" after the um, animal that dies, dies. (Sorry, trying not to spoil to much) SO CUTE. And I love Lavander.

Tina said...

Erin - thanks! Yes the pinchers thing was hilarious. I loved that whole "lucky" scene. Too fab.

Brooke said...

I love this outfit! I dig the belt with that skirt.

I sympathize about Borat - that movie also made me cringe and squirm in several places. It's just so freakin' uncomfortable.

Tina said...

Brooke - No kidding. I am staying far far away from Bruno.