Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter Made Me Sleepy

After the Harry Potter midnight movie last night, I only got about 4 hours of sleep, and only two was uninterupted. I am too old to stay up. I like to go to bed at 9:30. When did I get so old??

What I Wore While Remembering I am No Longer 18:

  • black slacks (Lane Bryant)
  • blue circle embellished tank (Target)
  • purple/blue/white jacket (Simply Vera by Vera Wang via Kohls)
  • white/silver/gold braided belt (thrifted new, Goodwill)
  • silver beaded hoop earrings (Payless)
  • silver bangle (Payless)
  • black patent buckle-toe stacked pumps (Payless)

What I Ate Several Hours Behind Schedule:

Since I went got to work almost 3 hours later than usual, my whole eating schedule was thrown off. I didn't eat breakfast until 11:30.
  • breakfast: Fiber One, blueberries, and Almond Breeze, with coffee and fat free half and half
  • lunch: PB7J on lite bread, carrots, celery, red bell peppers, and cherries
  • snack: Soyjoy, string cheese, medium banana *
  • dinner: parchment tilapia, 1 c. brown rice
  • dessert: 2 homemade chocolate chip cookies

*yes that is writing on my banana. It's directions to an appointment. I ate the banana in the car on the way there.

What I Did to Try to Wake Myself Up:

I dragged by butt out of bed at 8 am (remember, I didn't go to bed until 4am) and decided that since I was going to be late going to work anyway, that I should go to the gym before I went in. My reasoning was twofold. First, it might help wake me up and energize me for the day, which I desperately needed, and second, I knew I wouldn't want to workout when I get home b/c I would be so dead tired.

I did 10 minutes on the stair monster. It almost killed me. You people who do 99 minutes are crazy. I hope to be you some day. Then I did 12 minutes of intervals on the treadmill, followed by some stretching. It may have only been 25 minutes at the gym, but it was a great workout. Seriously, I was still sweating an hour later at work, and I had SHOWERED.

Total for the Day: 28 points (1590 calories), 25 minutes of exercise, 7 glasses of water


Jess said...

The StairMaster is a cruel and evil device, and I want no part of it!

I think we're headed to the movie this weekend- no midnight showings for this lady. Nu-uh.

I did not know bananas were so versatile!

And you look great today :) Or yesterday.

Diana said...

I can't go without regular sleep either - if I'm not in bed by 11pm at the latest, I'm a total grouch.

Love the outfit, especially the accessories.

Anonymous said...

That stair machine is definitely a monster but it is the BEST machine in the gym! I do 45 minutes on it nearly every day and when I'm finished it looks like I just jumped in a pool, that's how sweaty I get. It gives you the best cardio workout of any machine, and you will see some serious results. I got my friend into doing it, and he lost about 75 lbs in a year! Can you tell I'm very passionate about this??

Sher said...

I'm hoping to see Harry Potter sometime this weekend. And don't feel bad, I can't even party like I used to for New Years eve.LOL!

I'm a blue girl and just love your blue outfit today!

Goober said...

Love that jacket!

I am always glad to hear other people who tend to go to bed early - I don't feel so alone :)

Kari said...

Yeah, I can't do midnight showings anymore. It's just too hard to enjoy the movie when I'm dead tired. What did you think of the film? (I haven't seen it yet - I've read the books so no worries about spoilers.)

I LOVE your purple top and the cardigan over it. The mixed textures and colors are lovely!

Herbee said...

LOVE that tank and the Vera Wang jacket! They look great on you...that shade of blue is your colour, I think!
And writing directions on the banana-sheer genius!! Saves time, paper and encourages you to take a healthy snack along! : )

magnolia said...

Banana + directions = brilliant and too funny.

Tina said...

Jess - The StairMaster shall be henceforth known as the Stairs of Death by me. Such a killer! I hope you enjoyed HP6. I had mixed feelings.

Diane - yep. I need sleep. No way around it. Thanks!

Anon - 45 minutes a day? you are a stud and I am in awe of you. I am holding at 10 for a while and hope to increase slowly until I get up to 1/2 hr. That's my goal. My scary scary goal.

Sher - I hope you made it to HP6. Blue is one of my faves too.

Heather - thanks! I used to be a midnight to 8am sleeper, but now it's more like 10pm-6am. If I'm still in bed at 8, you know it was a "crazy" night. Which probably means I stayed up too late reading. Such a party animal I am these days.

Kari - I really had mixed feeling about the movie. It's one of my favorite books b/c it explains so much, and I felt like the movie left a lot of important details out. But I am reserving judgment until I see the next one. Since they are making the 7th book into 2 movies, I have hopes that they will put the missing details into the first of those two movies.

Herbee - thanks! It definitely helped remind to eat my healthy snack in the car since I kept having to look at the banana to see where I was going.

Magnolia - I must admit that I really like writing on bananas. I don't do it all the time or anything, but this certainly isn't the first time I have done it. There's something about how it feels to write on teh smooth banana skin. I love it. But then, you know me, so this shouldn't be a shock to you. :)

Milly said...

cute jacket

Tina said...

Milly - thanks!