Friday, October 2, 2009

Tough, Smart Lawyer

I'm sure you have similar ads where you live, but here in Dallas we have a couple of well known legal commercial: the Texas Hammer and The Tough, Smart Lawyer. Well since I had to meet a pro bono client today, I didn't do casual Friday. And I thought that I should do my "tough, smart lawyer" pose. The cat hair stuck to my knee doesn't really add to my toughness and if I had really been smart, I wouldn't have kneeled down to pet the cats right before taking my pics. Ha!

What I Wore While Being Tough:

2009-10-02 combo

  • black slacks (Lane Bryant)
  • striped blouse (via Ross)
  • grey vest (Lane Bryant)
  • satin flats (via Kohls)
  • grey necklace (Rainbow)

What I Ate While Cursing the Post Office For Closing an Hour Earlier Than I Thought:

2009-10-02 food

Rand and I ran out to the post office at 5 today. He needed to return a gift he bought for me (wrong size - way too small, bless his heart) and I needed to mail some DVDs to Sam like I have been promising for 3 weeks now. I thought the post office was open until 6, but it actually closed at 5. Ugh. Back again tomorrow. So we drowned our sorrows in some beer and gumbo.

  • breakfast: cheesy egg, bagel, and cuties
  • lunch: buddig sandwich, snap peas, apple, cheese
  • snack: Clif Z bar
  • dinner: Widmer beer, chicken and sausage gumbo

What I Did Before My Coworkers Got There:

2009-10-02 exercise

(somtimes the hoop tries to escape and you must hunt it down)


Beth Dunn said...

Very serious outfit--I'm sure it worked. The gumbo looks delish! xoxo

Tori said...

You are so cute as the tough lawyer! I especially love the tough lawyer does hula hoop!

Kari said...

I just love that you hoop in your office! How fun. Love the tough lawyer pose and your cool necklace.

Anonymous said...

guess i dont need to email you to double-check if the DVDs got lost in the mail. ;)
take your time, lady!

Tina said...

Beth - Well the meeting went well, so now we'll just have to see how the case goes.

Tori - All tough lawyers hula hoop!

Kari - Everyone really had fun with the hoop at work. I might even bring it back.

Sam - sorry. They actually got mailed on Saturday! So hopefully you will get them in the next few days.

Anonymous said...

excellent! i cant wait to bust out some moves. ;)

Jess said...

Hahahahhaa! I *love* locally produced commercials- everywhere I've lived there has always been at least one that has been memorable. I'm still looking for a suitable Kentucky one, though the ones that feature a heavy accent are certainly fun for me.

It looks like you guys are halfway to an office obstacle course!

Tina said...

Sam - well, I can't make any promises about how much you'll enjoy the various workouts, but it's a place to start from anyway, right? :)

Jess - Yeah, we have some random things set up here.