Friday, November 13, 2009

Black Dress Challenge Week

A while ago, Maria suggest that I follow the lead of this woman and wear the same black dress every day for a month. I didn't feel like I would want to do an entire month of that, but I tucked it away in my brain to do as a week-long challenge in the future. And that week has come. In fact, in case you hadn't notice, it was last week.

I wore a basic black T-shirt dress from the Gap. Here is my week roundup:

Black Dress Challenge

(click to enlarge)

I'm in the process of uploading my entire wardrobe to Flickr. Right now most of my jewelry is up there, but that's it. But I'm thinking it might be fun to do an homage to this black dress by hearing suggestions of how you think I should wear it. Now all I have to do it get my clothing posted up there too.



Brooke said...

What a fun idea for a challenge! We might have to steal it. :)

I think I like the denim jacket and gray vest outfits the best. Very cute.

It would be neat to see you wear this dress just as a skirt, maybe with a belted button-down over it? Or more winterized with a sweater, thick tights, and boots? Maybe that's not so practical for Texas.

Maria said...

I'm so glad you did this!

K said...

Thats awesome! I hadn't even noticed you were wearing the same black dress! Way to remix!

Tina said...

Check out

Sheena is wearing the same black dress for a year to raise money for children in India. She is soooo creative. Unfortunately, she had a party to celebrate the mid year milestone and there was an accident at the party. Out of respect to the deceased, she has put the project on hold but you can check out what she has done so far--it is amazing!!

laniza said...

I think you should try pairing the dress with brown or cream.

Madame said...

One dress, with a miriad of super cute looks! So neat how resourcefulness (& your fab personal style;) can transform a staple! You're inspiring me Tina ... lol

Kasmira said...

You know you did a good job because I didn't even notice. I think I usually pay more attention to your accessories, so I didn't notice that you wore the same dress all week.

Kimberly said...

You did a fab job giving each day a unique look!! Hope you don't mind but I think this to my post today.

CoCo said...

Days 1 and 5 are definitely my favorites, but they all look incredible! You did an awesome job, because it totally looks different every day. I need a versatile tee shirt dress!

Tina said...

Brooke - go for it! I love it when people "steal" from my blog like that. Link back if you do it!

Maria - :) you had a good suggestion.

K - thanks! I must admit, it's pretty easy to do when you start with a basic black dress.

Tina - I've seen her website. That's too bad that she lost a friend.

lanzia - good suggestion! I'm going to keep that in mind if I do another installment.

Madame - You are too sweet!

Kasmira - That makes sense, b/c oh girl - you have some of the best accessories. I covet your owl pin from when you were an usher. LOL

Kimberly - that's great! thanks for linking to me. I can't wait to see your post!!

Coco - thanks! And you know what? It's so effing comfortable. It feels like I'm wearing PJs. Love it!

eednic said...

cool! i think you completely pulled it off! maybe i could try something like this sometime, though i must admit i find the thought kind of scary!! or intimidating, rather/

Tina said...

Cindee - thanks! I think you should try it. I have no doubt that you would rock this!