Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family Dinner

Rand and I met my step-brother and his girlfriend out for dinner and drinks after work. We never see each other, so it was great to get together.

What I Wore While Out With My Brother:

2009-11-30 combo

  • tan/blue tweed pencil skirt (via Goodwill)*
  • blue tank (via Ross)
  • sheer mushroom blouse (via Marshalls)
  • brown canvas jacket (Merona via Goodwill)
  • brown wedge boots (Cloudwalkers via Avenue)
  • teal brooch (b-day gift from future sis-in-law)
  • teal earrings (?? maybe via Ross)
*This is skirt is going back to Goodwill, I think. I've worn it twice, but it really needs to be altered. I borrowed my Mom's sewing machine, but let's face it, I'm not going to get it done anytime soon and I need to thin out my wardrobe to fit into the smaller closet space.

What I Ate When I Really Wanted Cookies:

2009-11-30 food

  • breakfast: leftover low fat pumpkin bread (Libby's), yogurt (Yoplait)
  • lunch: leftover T-day turkey on sandwich thin (Arnold's), carrots, 2 cuties
  • snack: french vanilla tea (Bigelow) and Yotta Bar (Undercover Veggie Co.)
  • dinner: smoked salmon sandwich, french onion soup (broth only), Christmas Ale (Old Monk)
  • snack: 28 almonds (to get my points up to where they needed to be)

I finally started doing counter pushups in the bathroom at work again. And my ankle is starting to feel a little better. As soon as we move I am going to get on that treadmill!

Total for the Day: 28 points, 3 glasses of water, 20 pushups

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